Who We Are

Damas is an Engineering Consulting Company involved with enthusiasm in Automotive, Railway, Aerospace, Electronic, Automation and Banking industries with more than 27 engineers. Founded in the beautiful city of Prague (Czech Republic), Damas supports the world’s industry leaders to engineer their products into reality, boost their performance and accelerate innovation providing highly qualified engineers thanks to our HR-matrix organization: fast reaction and deeply understanding of customers key-needs was the main engine of our fast growth.

People, Not Number

As a development partner with well-known OEMs and suppliers, our engineers and IT consultants work as specialists and executives on the success of current significant projects in automotive engineering on a daily basis. With over 27 engineers, we face challenges in our own way: with passion, sympathy, and commitment. We are known as much for our top-class development and advisory expertise with highly-qualified and motivated employees as for our reliability, professionalism and an Italian, informal corporate culture.

Any Dogma of Damas Company Culture?

  • Respect for our employees and customer projects;
  • Courage to take over complex responsibility and make new proposals on our customer needs;
  • Ability to feel part of every client’s work group;
  • We are not externals, we are different internals;

Those values, together with our Passion for Technologies and our expertise in key-hand and in-house solutions, have enabled us to win our clients’ trust.