We are proud to be part of cutting-edge solutions

and take a big role in developing, testing and delivering products in automotive and banking industries

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ZF Full services

  • Programming of complex systems for industry purposes
  • Automation of business processes
  • Development of data gathering systems
  • Automation of complex reporting
  • Development of interfaces between different systems and applications
  • Development of complex algorithms and Al-based decision-making systems
  • Support in machine engineering, by providing engineers, especially in the domain of noise, vibration, harness data analyzation and general problem solving
  • Support in the domain of PLC engineering by providing experienced engineers who are capable of troubleshooting issues on any assembly or testing line


Banking and Insurance
Tailored solutions

  • Responsible for creating and examining the functional specifications
  • In touch with the stakeholders to have a better understanding of the requirements
  • Design, examine and deploy IT systems to further business objectives
  • Contribute to all stages of software development lifecycle
  • Conducting software analysis, programming, testing, and debugging
  • Different job positions : Java Developers, Scrum Masters, IT support, IT analyst

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