2022 ABSL Conference in Prague

At the beginning of December 2022, our leadership team attended the annual ABSL Conference in Prague and it was a blast! The #businessservices industry in Czech Republic is growing strong:

? 160 000 employees in 2023, reaching 200 000 in 2025
? 66% of delivery centers planning to expand

⚠️ Nevertheless, there is a clear deficit of locally-sourced #talents, and companies highlight this as their n.1 risk and #priority

88% of centers are already executing or planning a strategy to secure access to critical talent 

Are you already working on it? Or will you be caught off-guard?
 Let us help you! ??

#Damas can support your growth despite the challenging market, thanks to our dedicated international #network (EU and non-EU), through which we are able to onboard expats in record time. 

Drop us a message, if you want to learn more and discover some of our behind-the-scenes data.


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